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In consideration for payment of $350 by: _______________________________ (hereafter referred to as "client"), receipt of which is acknowledged by A.M.M. Services (hereafter referred to as "AMM"), AMM agrees to provide consulting services to client as follows: AMM will ask relevant questions regarding client's needs for his/her next vehicle. Examples of questions are (but not limited to): uses for which client intends the vehicle, safety features and reputation, esthetics, serviceability, ease of use, reputation for quality, image client wishes to convey while driving the vehicle. AMM will prioritize and evaluate client's responses, and advise which of those vehicle(s) currently available most closely satisfy his/her needs with the goal of assisting him/her to reach a decision on the most appropriate vehicle to acquire.

AMM will also advise client on the advantages and disadvantages of acquisition of a new  vs. used vehicle, and on the advisability of leasing vs. purchase of vehicle(s) under consideration. When a suitable vehicle has been identified, AMM will advise client of the most appropriate source from which to obtain it. In the event client decides to use AMM's Finding Service to obtain the vehicle, the $350 consulting fee already paid will be accepted in lieu of the retainer in the Finding Service contract.

Consulting services will commence on the date of this contract, and will continue until client has identified an acceptable vehicle, or until AMM has provided seven (7) hours of service under the terms of this contract, whichever comes first. This includes all time normally devoted to client's needs, including time involved in communications (telephone, e-mail, fax, correspondence), time for preparation of recommendations based on client's response to questions regarding his/her needs, but excluding travel time from and to AMM's place of business in order to meet with client.

AMM will absorb all expenses involved in execution of this contract except those which AMM deems out of the ordinary. If and when such expenses are identified, AMM will provide an estimate to client, whose agreement to reimburse them will be required before they are incurred.

In the event client has not decided on an acceptable vehicle after provision of seven hours of service, this contract will either terminate, or, by mutual agreement of both parties, continue at a billing rate of $50 per hour. Under such circumstances, services will continue to be provided until an acceptable vehicle has been identified, or until either party terminates the agreement, which either party may do without cause at any time by notifying the other party. In the event of such termination, billing for services rendered beyond the original seven hours will become immediately due and payable. Regardless of the outcome of this agreement, the $350 fee originally paid is non-refundable.

It is understood and agreed that AMM makes no warranties of any kind regarding the outcome of this agreement, or regarding the mechanical and/or safety condition of any vehicle identified for acquisition by client.

Client: ________________________________________ Date: ______________

A.M.M. Services: ________________________________________

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