To place an order, please print and complete the contract
below and send with retainer check for $350 to:

A.M.M. Services

33 Galleon Way

San Rafael, CA 94903-2376


In consideration for payment of $350 by: _______________________________ (hereafter referred to as "buyer"), receipt of which is acknowledged by A.M.M. Services (hereafter referred to as "AMM"), and agreement to pay 4% of the purchase price of the vehicle less $350, or $650, whichever is greater, upon completion of a successful search, AMM agrees to initiate search for vehicle meeting the following parameters:

MAKE(S): __________________________________________________

MODEL(S): _________________________________________________

MODEL YEAR(S): ___________________________________________

MILEAGE: __________________________________________________

COLOR(S), EXTERIOR: _____________________________________________

COLOR(S), INTERIOR: ______________________________________________

OTHER FEATURES: ________________________________________________


A successful search shall be considered to have occurred upon purchase by buyer of a vehicle found by AMM.

Buyer agrees that, in the event he/she decides not to purchase a vehicle satisfying the above parameters which AMM has found, the $350 retainer will be forfeited. AMM agrees that, if in its opinion, on the basis of the initial search of the database, and subsequent follow-through on cars yielded by that search, an acceptable vehicle is not likely to be found within 30 days, AMM will, at buyer's option, refund the $350 retainer, except where $350 consulting fee, which is non-refundable (paid under terms of Consulting Agreement between buyer and AMM) was accepted in lieu of retainer, and the search will be discontinued.

When an acceptable vehicle has been found, AMM will, at buyer's option, assist in negotiating purchase price with seller. Upon purchase of vehicle by buyer, AMM will have completely discharged its responsibilities under the terms of this agreement.

It is understood and agreed that AMM makes no warranties of any kind regarding the mechanical and/or safety condition of any vehicle found, and that buyer is solely responsible for making any determinations in this regard. AMM strongly urges that any offer by buyer on a candidate vehicle be made conditional on it passing mechanical inspection by a qualified independent mechanic.

This agreement will remain in force until a successful search has been completed, or for 30 days (with the option to renew by mutual agreement of both parties), whichever comes first.

Buyer: ________________________________________ Date: ______________

A.M.M. Services: ________________________________________

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